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United Nations Security Council – Somalia: The Civil War and its governance
The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) was designed to be the principle organ of the United Nations. Your main functions and powers are to maintain international peace and security. In this meeting, once again, Mrs/Mr delegates will build a resolution for The Civil War and the governance of Somalia. Since 1990 the conditions of Somalia were chaotic, with no recognized government, only militias yelling for power and determinate to do whatever to get control – including killing. After the establishment of failure operations and battles like “The Day of the Rangers”, today the warring parties in Somalia’s long-running armed conflict continue to displace, kill, and wound civilians. Restrictions on humanitarian access exacerbate the human rights and humanitarian crises. The Somali government has been failing to provide security and protect rights in areas under its control. Ongoing insecurity in government-controlled areas, including Mogadishu, and political infighting and reshuffles detracted from progress on justice and security sector reform. Political efforts to establish federal states fuelled inter-clan and The Islamist armed group Al-Shabaab fighting in some areas. UNSC last resolution about this situation was made by March 2016. What should Security Council do now to put an end to this conflict?


Beatriz Calmon

Hello, Mrs. Delegates,
My name is Beatriz and i’ll be your director at UNSC-Mirin this year. I study International Relations at PUC and I’m 19 years old. This will be my first simulation as a director and actually, my first “participating” simulation (I’ve worked in my school’s simulation as journalist and press director), so I’m kind of a freshman in this world. Because I’m a beginner, I don’t know exactly what to expect from this experience, so make good impressions for me!

This committee is being especially made for you guys, so I hope you like it and have really good times together.

See you all there!

Pedro Zyngier

My name is Pedro Lacerda Zyngier, I have done over 15 models (among this, a few MIRINs), I’m a student of International Relations in the fourth semester at PUC-Rio. I am grumpy, I like order in the comitee (hope it’s explicited that I will not allow the Security Counsil to become the Brazilian Congress during the impeachment voting) and I hope this model to be the best one I’ve participated. That’s all, folks.

Maria Carolina Soares

Dear Delegates,

It’s with the biggest pleasure that I welcome you to this Security Council’s meeting. When I was at high school, I’ve only delegated twice: both in UNSC at MIRIN. So believe me, I’m going to make all the efforts for you guys to have a great week, in order to finish with the better resolution to Somalia’s sovereignty. Talking a bit more about myself, I’m on the 3rd period of IR in PUC, I love music and parties (let’s go to MIRIN’s parties!!), I’m addicted to football (Fluminense’s fan), a lover of United Kingdom, photograph and feminist studies. I’d like to note you that my birthday will be one day after the end of MIRIN, so that I’ll be happier than any other time of the year – I really like chocolate, just to say.

See you by August!

Izabela Salles

Greetings Delegates! My name is Izabela, I’m 20 years old and I am a student of International Relations at PUC-Rio. This is my second time as director of the United Nations Security Council and first time in MIRIN. I’ve been delegate while in school at ONU Colegial, in Colegio Santo Inacio and I’ve liked the process of simulating real decisions. Hopefully you will enjoy the committee as much as we liked making it happen!